8b Social (8 ball)
A very simple and random social network where one post is shown to the user at a time. On each refresh a new post is randomly chosen from all the current posts. Text posts are only supported, with automatic link support. It automatically scales for any device
StockPortfolio App
Created a stock portfolio application to manage my fictional stock portfolio. It updates the stock prices based on current quotes, buys and sells shares, and reports statistics for the portfolio. It is written in Java
CoActiveSoft Telephony
Developed telephony for CoActiveSoft to allow caregivers to clock in and out of shifts using their client's home phone. Developed using Java and Twilio, fully integrated with production software
Switch Reporting Software (SREPS) was created to demonstrate the health and wellness of each client's employees using Node.js, PostgreSQL, bootstrap, and bcrypt for login management
A simple social network based on anonymity, tags, and sharing. This project was created for practice in how to use mongodb, express, node.js, and jade. The source can be found here
SunDev Collective
Professional-like website design for Sundev collective record label, designed and created by myself. It is not in development anymore due to discontinuation of label. The source is located here
Architecture in Design
A semi-functional website created for design and tech class during my sophomore year of high school (2015-2016). It is currently located at architecture.jessewalling.com
Egit (easy-git)
A npm package intended to help people use and learn git quickly. Created after being fed up with one teachers' ways of teaching git. Source is here and the npm package is here
As a hobby outside of comptuers, design, and technology, I frequently draw portraits of people. I either choose a random person from social media or take requests. The full portfolio can be found here
Stock is a simple JavaScript program that was created with the intent to aid myself (and others) in calculating the profit earned from the buy/sell of a certain stock and viewing the current price. The source for the project can be found here
Personal Site
I created this site (my personal site) with the intent of showcasing myself and my skills to anyone that wanted to see. I.e. employers, colleagues, and anyone else that comes accross this page. The source for all versions of this site can be found here
MultiSocial was another project created for a design and tech class during my freshman year of high school (2014-2015) where we were asked to create online 'apps'. Mine was a concept where people were allowed to connect all their social media to one cohesive application. The source can be found here and can be played around with here
Originally a gaming PC I built in 6th grade, this computer has been with me from the start. From different operating systems to hardware changes, this PC has been through it all. It is currently running Debian stable to host this website and all of my other projects in Seattle, Washington.
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